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        Whitetail Taxidermy Classes

Whitetail Taxidermy Basics- This class will be for those who are just in the beginning
stages of taxidermy. We would recommend this to those that have very limited experience
and need help with the basics of whitetail taxidermy. This class covers  caping out a deer,
complete fleshing, tanning, reference study, form preparation, mounting, finish work and
painting. If the student does not have a cape to use in class one can be provided at a
minimal cost.  As with all students we will tailor the class to your specific need.

Whitetail Mounting Class- The Whitetail Mounting Only class is for those who do not care
to learn the full process to include caping, fleshing and tanning. The class will begin with
the form preparation procedure and will include mounting, finishing and painting. Parker's
Taxidermy will prepare the skin used for mounting. This shortens the class and makes it
more managable for some students.  

Intermediate Whitetail Taxidermy- This classes is for the taxidermist with some experience
or has been doing taxidermy for a while and wishes to improve there skills to bring their
commercial work to a higher level. Before beginning we will look at the students present
work and see where improvements need to be made. If we feel like we are not capable of
helping improve the students work there will be no charge and no class will be scheduled.

Finishing Whitetail Taxidermy- We have found through our own experience that finish
work is one of the most important phases of the mounting process. These classes will be
to help those individuals who are struggling with the finish work on their mounts. Again,
after looking at the students present work, if we feel we cannot benefit them there will be
no charge and no class will be scheduled. For those that are not in our area where they
can bring their work to be looked at you can email us pictures of your work to determine
what your need may be.

Cost of Classes;

Cost of Whitetail Taxidermy Basics-----------------------------------------------------1500.00
Cost of Whitetail Mounting Only----------------------------------------------------------1000.00
Cost of Intermediate Whitetail Classes--------------------------------------------------250.00(a day)
Cost of Whitetail Finishing Classes------------------------------------------------------250.00(a day)
(Prices do not include cost of mounting supplies such as form, eyes etc.)

Lodging ;

Our Shoppe is 9 miles from Monroe N.C. which has numerous motels. We are also only 15
minutes from a very nice Bed and Breakfast in Pageland S.C. that offers us a very good
rate for students for lodging.

If you are interested in any of these classes you can contact us Ph. 704-294-0013 or E-mail
us at
Whitetail Taxidermy Classes
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